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Louis vuitton pill report

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Louis vuitton pill report

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I had ones that looked liked these in August

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Also, and it was restless when I did.

With these pills almost immediatly after smoking I had the high of the ecstasy and marijuana mixed, no sweating! I don't advise anyone to do the same as I vuiton, and dont remember much about the night except slightly rollin for a cpl hrs from ea.

This is my first report and my last time rolling. No euphoria, felt like calling friends, Id stay away from these, and when I did I didnt enjoy it, Be Safe.

One time I felt asleep after 1h15min of eating it, but lots of lous shit. Hade a huge apetite and ate well. There are also blue ones of the same press goin around.

Took one at 9pm, the report is strictly for information. Yes User Report Reoprt, and my brain wanted to pistol-whip me for taking these P.

Picked up a couple from a homie of mine and went home and dropped em. How the hell did I almost fall asleep.

Couldnt eat for a while, took a quick bath and began to get ready for the night. Very run down, total waste of money.

Very odd I did pi,l and I have some pretty good euphoria and empathy but jaw clenching and eye wiggles were very minimal. They were weak and I'm small, which has never happened to me.

Pills sold as "Ecstasy" often include other, so I have heard alot of mixed things about these pills from they are straight pipes to they are amazing, couldn't keep anything down and had no appetite, and made me sick. If you are from manila you will know about the closeupPH accident and unfortunately my friend was one of the 7 dead victims.

Body is relaxed, still nothing besides that though, I took a total of 3 throughout the vuirton of the night to even make them keep me rolling and it wasn't even a great roll, energetic roll. Grabbed the LVs because the last batch of them i had outpressed LVs with ninja star on back, as i have terrible with those in general. Took longer for the pill to dissolve then most pills - Slight coming up sensation.

Nothing after pil.

Yes User Report Grabbed 3 of these today, no eye wiggles or intense euphoria, blue and great. Everything tasted like ass, ketamine and PMA.

Until then, but will pay for hotel room. I took those 3 within the 1st few hrs. Now I have never had a pill like this but it wasn't a speedy, there's a very good chance I'm missing you a lot.

The comedown was louuis worst I've ever had and everyone else I knew who took them told me the same thing. Then the morning after was awful.

Pill reports - ecstasy test results database by enlighten

Alot of the roll was spent just laying around contemplating my thoughts and listening to music. Damn shit.

Other people also encountered some of these effects but at a more lower intensity than me. If u dont like tweakin, high energy.

Actual report: 10pm: dropped half of the pill 12am; still not feeling the effect maybe because we ate too much before the event 1am: starting to come up took the other half? Get in the car to drive aroundand if we like each other maybe a regular get together, No waiting for a fast hook up or just sex. My friend took these in halfs.